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I won't be faster than you. Brilliance and green weave my skin their weight tickles my sail which possessed by an impersonal energy reveals "I'm the root through the attempts, I'm the fall and the calm birchen leaves nodding over the flood" Vibrating Dance, please, dampen the way and spread out your blanket: among everything Just I Am.
Mu.S.E. 02:42
Pressure on the bones frame loads you down and squeals - the air flickers, thickens, moves piecemeal, becomes barrier – Metal clings are snakes kissing your neck, canvas the wall, paintbrush your back. - the deepest shadow draws the scene, paints it black and keeps it perfectly intact The whole infection never fades starts to reveal its black embrace to you. There is no red claw tearing up from pupils cobwebs rising from the gloom. Life is steel - not bending at your whim-. floating on a sinless hex broth rising from the gloom. That day was dumb it caught my calm when I felt all thoughts turned into stone when I stared at my nightly monsters slightly growing out of me. I blinded myself to believe there were still hideouts to reach. I found a thread, it was a false guide tying down to insanity Let the structure flow, calm down your chest and slide See the dreadful step degrading your disease (Oh God, I fear he cannot hear at all...)
Worn-Out 03:02
“Before the ceiling hugs us let me kiss your solitude. Let me dip my void in your profile”, I said, the eyes caught your line grabbing notes to rise. Words grazed the veil through worn-out attitudes. I was yourself, you died again.
Going back to the box, being ruled from flat-widescreen. Wired to the mind we'll drive you away So far away... Chen marrying light Fire Perfect Mind (Something worth to live for, to kill for) K'an melting K'un Short time to choose. Come to me whirl not perceptible in nightly perspective, don't tell me that now now now it's over. Mighty mighty mighty mighty grows an incredible Will. Now I begin to feel: Tell me that now now here it's coming. Mighty brightly mighty lightly grows an incredible Will. Clarity was concealed: Tell me that now now here it's coming.
Starslave 03:43
The dust darkened an artificial curve, North was lost: nothing left to cling to. Rolling up your guts around its reel a cardboard future was just holding you down. A Nightmare revealed to me what my dreams were I was forgetting my feet can lead me high, high, high. I gave a dumb tramp all I learned and more, I climbed the stairs: my voice started to recall: "Now I'm here, get me over, let me in."
Resilient 02:44
A step away from my spine sky turns from black to blue, Just a while from myself a mind plays in perfect tune. Slide on one of nine sides: The mourn will have a name. Call it passing pain and my crisis won’t be late. And yet whose voices are these? Emptiness is my choice. Coming through those faces who’s going to make next noise? Mood, gestures, needs, will, talk, please tell me what can I control? Here’s me, defying my fall Just like I was never born.
INI.OR 05:34
Yes, Me, Fat child crawling in a safe pen Close, shy Boy, paralyzed, still unborn Smart Mind hiding in a smug rhyme Half Man I am going to kill you Ah, spare me a mourn! 'cause I forgave my steps, my heart, my weakest thought.
Dust 03:08
Keep your eyes closed, feel your hand, let pass it through the table and turn the radio off ‘cause you’re ready to go. See the ground below. Trust your will: the wind won’t let your new body fall. You don’t have to be moved by the tears of the moon: even your mom could wolf your soul down with her frown. Dust dulls life and life gets stuck as fear tries to make wholeness disappear But I was ready to go (I saw the ground below!) ‘cause the air was warm and the black gate was so close to the square of my tune to The Will! maybe soon a twirl: now I can see you. I was ready to go (I saw the ground below!) ‘cause the air was warm and the black gate was so close to the square of my tune to The Will! maybe soon a twirl!


Studio Album released on Nov 2014.


released November 1, 2014

Hypnerotomachia è scritto e prodotto da Marco Berlenghini (musiche) e Flavio Stazi (testi).

Marco Berlenghini (Chitarra e altri strumenti)
Flavio Stazi (Voce)
Daniele Pomo (Batteria)
Stefano Marzioni (Chitarra su “Starslave” e “Resilient”)
Domenico Dante (Basso su “The Paper Ship” and “MU.S.E”)

Mixing: Riccardo Romano
Mastering: Reference Mastering Studios

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INIOR Rome, Italy

INIOR is a progressive rock musical project

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